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HDMI Gender Changers

HDMI connectors come in male and female genders, and according to what is required, the adapters provide greater versatility and flexibility with your devices and increase your system's overall technical and economical efficiency. Using our adapters, you can immerse yourself in high-fidelity and stunningly realistic high-definition audio and video that only superior adapters can deliver.
Item #:GC-HDMIFF    Price: $7.95
The gender changer's design ensures signal integrity in any position and its flexibility makes it ideal for HDMI connections in limited spaces
Item #:GC-HDMI360    Price: $16.95
Converts any HDMI cable or port with female connector into HDMI male. It can also used to connect two HDMI cable with female connectors.
Item #:GC-HDMIMM    Price: $7.95

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