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HDMI Keystone Jacks

The HDMI Coupler Keystone allows a HDMI cable to be plugged into the wall and routed to a display. Plug the HDMI coupler keystone into a compatible wall plate to enable HDMI functionality into the wall. Our keystone has gold plated connectors for extra reliability with the HDMI connection and the easy snap-in feature of the keystone makes installation simple and fast.
Item #:TTA-20    Price: $6.95
HDMI is a cutting-edge audio/video connection standard on the frontier of technological innovation. Keystones are specialized connectors that, when used with keystone-holding keystones, are very common and convenient connection points on walls of homes, offices, and other facilities/buildings. Using these keystones, you can enjoy high-fidelity and stunningly realistic high-definition audio and video that only superior keystones can deliver.
Item #:TTA-1231-RT    Price: $8.95

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