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IDE/SATA Adapters

These converters provide interface functionality between IDE drives and USB capable computers, thereby increasing your devices' versatility to improve system efficiency and economy. Using these converters, you can enjoy high-fidelity and high-speed data processing and transfer rates that only superior converters can deliver.
Item #:USB-IDE4044    Price: $12.95
This device will convert the signal from a laptop hard drive so it can be connected to an internal PC hard drive. A great way to use your laptop hard drive on your home computer.
Item #:IDE-2535    Price: $4.95
No space to mount your 3.5 inch hard drive? This 3.5 inch hard drive mounting kit includes universal mounting brackets to convert your 3.5 inch hard drive to fit into any 5.25 inch drive bay.
Item #:HDD-BR    Price: $2.95

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