Jaykang International Inc., (DBA. CubeCrystal.Com) Founded in 2004 and located in Southern California,

Office Address:
16659 Echo Hill Way
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Telephone: 626-330-8382
Fax: 626-330-7567

We specializes in manufacturing and distribution of high quality, cost competitive products. A vast range of products, including Home Theater Components, Cable, Adapters, Networking, Power Strip & Surge Protector, Input/Output Add-Ons, Security & Tools to Computer Accessories…

Whether it is corporate use, school use, government use, a student or home user, Jaykang International Inc. has the solution, and guarantees satisfaction in our products, and services.

Jaykang International Inc. treats every customer as the biggest customer and strives to make itself the ultimate online superstore for home theater hardware and computer accessories with the widest selection and best prices. Our web site is a super user-friendly site, with up to date security features to safeguard your personal information and your identity.

Here are the reasons why customers purchase from us.

Low Prices:
Whither you are an Individual or a company, and you want just buy a small quantity of products, you will get our low prices without changing any small-order handling fees. If you are a company, or a school, or army, or an organization, or government, and want to buy a large number of products, then call us for your extreme low wholesale prices.

Huge Stocks and Selections:
We carry our own extensive stocks covering nearly every item we sell. 99% of regular stock items are currently in stock. Manufactory based company will give you the biggest selection in colors, lengths, etc.

Excellent Customer Service:
We treat customers how we would like to be treated when shopping on-line. Each enquiry is treated personally and individually, we won’t just send a standard automated response, but we provide prompt customer support on email, phone.

Fast & Efficient Shipping:
A tracking number will always be sent to you via email, 99% of orders are shipped by the same day. Flexible shipping methods are allowed in order to send orders fast and safe.

Secure & Privacy:
Orders placed with us are securely transmitted to Yahoo’s server using 128-bit SSL security utilizing the highest level of encryption or security possible, your information will not be sold, traded, shared, or anything of that nature, we only use the information you provide to us to fulfill your order.

Responsible and Accessible:
You can contact us in a variety of ways, including E-Mail, Phone or Fax. We respond promptly to all customer enquiries. We are a family-run business and we genuinely care about our customers.

Free Crystal Gift with Purchase over $100.00:
We don’t give the cheap products or the overstock items to our customers for their rewards. In 2007, we brought our 2nd line of products, the crystal gifts, including crystal laser cubes, crystal balls, crystal key-chains, crystal diamonds, and much more, customers can choose their gifts from hundreds of selections when they order $100 or more! For details of our Free Crystal Gift, please click here