Wireless Headphone For PC or Home Stereo (2/Pack)


For PC or Home Stereo Player.
Kit Includes: 1 Transmitter and 2 Headsets.

Studio Quality headsets with wide angle infrared detection.
Light weight & Durable construction.
Padded ear pieces for long term listening.
High quality drivers for excellent frequency response and wired performance.
Adjustable fit headsets that can accomadate a child or an adult.
Controls conveniently located on headphones for Volume Control, Power on/off Control.

Performance Specifications:
Infrared Wave-Length: 850mm.
Modulation: FM2.3mHz/2.8MHz.
Frequency Response:20-20,000Hz.
Distortion: Less than 2%(1KHz).
** Transmitter:
Power Supply:DC12V.
Connect Pin 5 Wiring Source:(1)ground(2)left ch/(3)right ch/(4)gnd(5)+12V.
Dimentions: 120mm(W)x25mm(H)x90mm(D).
** Receiving Headphones:
Power Supply:DC3V(UM-4×2).
Frequency Response:20-20,000Hz.

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